Slime of the Month offers one slime per month for one full year. You get 12  8 oz slimes, each of them spaced out so that one slime arrives at your doorstep each month. 

Every slime in Slime of the Month is a Premium slime, meaning they are exclusive to this purchase. You can't buy any of the slimes from Slime of the Month anywhere else in the shop.

The Premium slimes are all a mystery until you open the box. All of them are fun, and you get a different slime every time!


*Shipping is free for Slime of the Month in the U.S. and Canada

Slime of the Month - 12 Slimes for 12 Months

  • All slimes come in 8 oz jars, come with a care sheet and small packet of borax, and are handmade with love.