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About Me

I started Super Solar Slimes™ in July of 2020. Slime has always been a passion of mine, and I knew that one day I wanted to start a shop. My hopes were that the shop would have fun slimes and products for everyone to use and enjoy. 

Super Solar Slimes™ is based in Missouri. My family helps me with orders and shipping, but all slimes are handmade by me. I have everyone's full support, and I am so thankful that I have this opportunity to create a product for you to enjoy. 

One of the reasons I love slime making so much is brainstorming for new slime themes and ideas. Coming up with and creating all the slimes is so much fun! 

All the slimes are made in a sterile environment, and making them is a blast. I hope you enjoy playing with it as much as I do! 

                                                            - Slime Queen


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